Middle Juba – Situation Analysis October 2012

from UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Published on 31 Oct 2012


Middle Juba borders with Bay region to the north, Gedo to the west and northwest, Lower Shebelle to the northeast and Lower Juba to the south. The region has three districts, namely Sakow, Salagle and Jilib. The region has a total population of approximately 239,000 people1. All of the districts in the region are fully controlled by Al-Shabaab (AS). MSF Holland is the only international NGO with access to the area. There is no UN presence in the region. However, local NGOs have access to the region.

According to FSNAU, food availability has improved in the rain-fed area of the region in the last Deyr season; however, poor GU rains performance has resulted in below average crop production. The region has also experienced floods in the last Deyr season causing crop failure in Buale, Jilib and Sakow districts that resulted a below average harvest.

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