Solomon Islands

Solomons grateful for cyclone aid

HONIARA, Solomon Islands (RNZI, Jan. 10) - The Solomon Islands Government has thanked Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Japan and NGOs for their quick response to the devastation caused by Cyclone Zoe on Tikopia and Anuta.
Prime Minister Sir Allen Kemakeza, says the international response has been overwhelming.

Allen says the Government appreciates the help and he says development partners have again teamed up to rescue the Solomons during difficult times.

He says the donors' willingness to help shows critics are wrong to claim that they are turning their backs on the country.

Meanwhile Caspar Fa'asala of the National Disaster Council says they will not have a full assessment of the impact of Cyclone Zoe until the patrol boat Auki arrives back in Honiara this weekend.

He says once this assessment is received, they can begin the next phase of the operation, which will focus on rehabilitation of the islands.

"Otherwise the relief operation is under control... things are in order... the third boat has left with a number of good cargoes that will get people back to some normalcy and in order for them to proceed not only with recovery but also with rehabilitations"