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Solomon Islands: Villagers run to higher ground as a another earthquake last night

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Emergency and aid teams have now reached isolated village areas near Gizo after a third quake hit the area last night.

Thousands of villagers in the Western Province were frightened into running to higher ground .

The Director of the National Disaster Management office, Loti Yates confirmed the 3rd quake registered 6-point-1 on the Richter scale and was at a sea depth of 35 kilometres.

Mr Loti says disaster officers reports coming out of the west confirm that some villages have been inundated with sea water to over two metres.

So far no deaths have been reported

Mr Loti confirmed landslides on Rendova and Tetepari islands have occured and have affected clean water supply to villages.

"There's been reports of damages to homes especially in the villages. As you know most of our villages have thatched roof housing and which wouldn't stand a very strong quake. And the 7.2 yesterday morning did quite some damage. He is also concerned about the reports of landslides and he's saying that by today, the logistic teams should be moving inside some of the more isolated areas to find out if there is any deaths or any more damages."