Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands: Ului destroy houses

Latest reports say more than 10 dwelling houses in different villages on Rennell Island have either been destroyed or damaged by cyclone Ului.

However, NDMO says the number is expected to increase as Bellona also reported damages to houses but yet to give figures.

Several kitchens have also been damaged on the two islands, as well as on the weather coasts of Makira and Guadalcanal.

NDMO says some reports on the Weather coast of Guadalcanal also reported a few houses and gardens washed away by waves.

No casualties or injuries have been reported by all the Provinces.

The NDMO says it is still collecting reports from areas affected by cyclone Ului which is now moving away from the Solomon Islands.

But the Solomon Islands Met Service is still forecasting bad weather around the country in the next two days.

Meanwhile the NDMO is also trying to verify reports about a big wave which inundated Tora'a village in the Star Harbour area, east Makira, early yesterday morning.

The report said the wave destroyed a kitchen and damaged two other houses in the village as well as inundating two nearby villages including Mami on the other side of the island.

It added the wave upturned big stones in the sea and downed several coconut trees.

Onebia on west Makira on the other hand also reported waves inundating the village at 9 o'clock, also yesterday morning.

Arrangements for rapid assessment teams have been completed but their mobilization is still restricted by the ongoing bad weather.