Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands: Taiwan donates additional three million dollars for rehabilitation work

Prime Minister Sogavare thanked the government and people of the Republic of China (Taiwan) for an additional donation of SBD$3 million on April 24.

This was in addition to a swift response of SBD$1.5 million donation and some other disaster relief efforts from Taiwan for the urgent disaster relief on April 2.

The donation was presented to Mr. Sogavare by Ambassador George Chan which will be used for the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the affected areas in the Western and Choiseul Provinces.

In early April, Taiwan immediately dispatched a medical service team to the Western province to render medical services for a week and donated 200 kilograms of medical materials worth SBD$400,000 to the makeshift hospital in Gizo.

Taiwan Technical Mission (TTM) and Taiwan's Navy Squadron had both donated one thousand kilograms of rice and hundred cartons of food to the Solomon Islands Red Cross Society (SIRCS) for further disbursement to the affected areas.

In addition, Taiwanese fishing company Yuh-Yow Fishery Co., Ltd also sent its fishing boat to help transport the relief personnel and materials to the affected areas in the Western Province.

Willian Hsu, Second Secretary of the ROC Taiwan Embassy in Solomon Islands said in a press statement that the donation "demonstrated the determination to rebuild the damaged homeland of this country."

"Taiwan would like to work closely together with UNDP, ADB, WB, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Japan, the US, PNG, RAMSI, NGOs and many other donors for the speedy recovery of the affected areas.

"The thoughts of Taiwan are always with its strong ally Solomon Islands and Taiwan will continue to offer every necessary support for the speedy recovery of the affected areas," Mr. Hsu said.