Solomon Islands: Reports on effects of heavy rain

from People First Network
Published on 22 Jan 2010 View Original
The National Disaster Management Office has received reports from various part of the country about effects of the recent heavy rain.

Reports have been received from Guadalcanal, Malaita and Isabel.

Landslides have been reported at at Kusumba, Tangarare, west Guadalcanal and a woman has been injured.

Some landslides has been also reported at Avu Avu, south Guadalcanal, threatening the clinic in the area.

Meanwhile, the Poha and Tambo bridges have been partly washed away and not usable by vehicles.

In Babanakira, south Guadalcanal one house has fallen down and 50 houses affected.

Meanwhile, the Director of Engineering Division, in the Ministry of Infrastructure Ambrose Kirei, says Guadalcanal plains has been flooded but there are no serious damages.

He says minor works are expected for Lungga bridge, Mbalasuna, Tetupa and Mberande.

Mr Kirei says pot holes on the road need urgent patching after bad weather.

On Malaita a bridge between Auki and Malu'u in North Malaita was damaged but was partly fixed by locals and can be used by vehicles.

In the Isabel Province flooding has been reported in Central Hograno and Highlands.

Flooding was continuing to rise to up to garden levels and washed some away.

Isabel Province Disaster Office is aware of situation and is waiting for the weather to improve to send an assessment team.