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Solomon Islands: Relief supplies for Rennell and Bellona

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HONIARA, Solomon Islands (PFnet News/SIBC)---A ship is expected to leave next week with relief food supplies and planting materials for Rennell and Bellona islands.

Speaking to SIBC, Director of the National Disaster Management Office in Honiara, Loti Yates reports that confirmation has been given by donor partners to assist victims of Cyclone Beni, which struck Rennell and Bellona recently.

Yates confirms a shipment of 50 tonnes of rice and planting materials to the two islands will be next week.

Meanwhile, a ship is scheduled to leave for Tikopia and Anuta in the Temotu Province this month.

Yates reports to the national broadcaster that the ship will take further relief supplies of food and building materials for schools and water supplies.

A health team is expected to visit the two islands for re-assessment of the situation on the islands.