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Solomon Islands: RAMSI reach out to help

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HONIARA, Solomon Islands (PFnet News) - The Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands, RAMSI helps Temotu Province.

A RAMSI statement reveal that it has assisted the Solomon Islands National Disaster Management Office in delivering much needed food supplies for the people of Tikopia and Anuta in Temotu Province.

The islands of Tikopia and Anuta suffered damage when they were hit by two cyclones in December 2002 and again in June 2003.

In the spirit of "Helpem Fren" HMAS Wewak commenced loading the vital supplies on Saturday morning at the Honiara Wharf.

Commander of the RAMSI Military Contingent, Lieutenant Colonel Quentin Flowers, stated, "We were always going to Lata so it did not make sense to send a half empty ship that far when for the sake of going a little bit further we could send a full shipment and help out some people who are really going through a hard time. While this sort of task is not our primary role, we are very happy to help out. We wish the people of Tikopia and Anuta Islands well."

Commissioned by the Royal Australian Navy in 1973, HMAS Wewak is a 44 metre long amphibious landing craft capable of delivering cargo directly onto a beach. HMAS Wewak, along with other Navy vessels, have played a crucial role in delivering essential cargo throughout the many provinces in Solomon Islands as part of "Helpem Fren".

HMAS Wewak, captained by Lieutenant Commander Ett Mulder, departed Honiara Sunday arriving at Lata yesterday where it took on more supplies bound for Tikopia and Anuta.

The supplies, including 70 tonnes of rice, 1,500 sacks of potatoes, 5,000 coconuts, school books and clothing, will be delivered to Tikopia and Anuta later this week.

HMAS Wewak will also deliver a four-wheel drive police vehicle to Lata.