Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands: Noro township complains of salty drinking water

By George Siapu in Gizo

The water supply in Noro Township, Western Province, is said to have been mixed with sea water.

Mr. Peter Londeka a resident of Noro has reported to the National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) and Provincial Disaster Council (PDC) operation center in Gizo, that the water supply had turned salty soon after the earthquake that struck the Western Province on April 2.

He claimed that the salty taste becomes more concentrated during periods when the sea level rises at high tide.

Mr. Londeka said that the salty state of the water supply is indeed another crisis as it is unfit for human consumption.

He refuted recent statements made by the President of Noro Town Council that everything is alright in Noro, adding that, "nothing is alright especially when we have had this problem with the water since April 2.

Mr. Londeka then called on responsible authorities especially the National Disaster Council (NDC) to further investigate this matter and help the Noro townsfolk with other alternative means of accessing fresh water.