Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands: NDMO Sitrep no. 30 - 3 May 2007



1. An earthquake measuring 8.1 struck 345km northwest of the Solomon Islands' capital Honiara at 0740 local time on 2 April 2007. (2040 GMT 1 April). The earthquake created a tsunami causing significant damage in the Solomon Islands.

2. The NDC reports that the affected area includes Gizo, Simbo, Ranogga, Shortlands, Munda, Noro, Vella la Vella, Kolombangarra and parts of the southern coast of Choiseul. Aerial surveillance shows that the worst-affected areas are the southern coast of Gizo, Simbo Island and the central southern coast of Choiseul between Moli and Posarae and Sasamunga.


3. A donors meeting scheduled for Friday 4th May is postponed for Monday the timing for is still to be confirmed.

4. An NDMO officer is continuing to operate the airport reception centre to receive, register and guide incoming relief teams.

5. Medical and Civil Aviation Action Desks in the NDC head office are still working.

6. A stakeholders meeting has taken place at 1400 today. Details of what has been discussed may be available in the next sitrep.


7. Solomon Islands Red Cross said it has registered 181 individuals as Internally Displaced People (IDPs) in Honiara since the 2 April Earthquake and Tsunami.Red Cross Disaster Operation Desk officer George Baragamu said these people came from Western and Choiseul Provinces during the of the disaster, mainly for medical attention. He also said 57 family kits of various sizes -1 person kit to 6 persons kit - have been distributed across Honiara to a total of 139 people so that they can use when they return to their various villages. The registration of IDPs has been officially closed on 20 April and registering and distributing to the Internally Displaced People has been done ass part of Red Cross' help to the affected.