Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands: NDMO Sitrep no. 22 - 24 Apr 2007


1. An earthquake measuring 8.1 struck 345km northwest of the Solomon Islands' capital Honiara at 0740 local time on 2 April 2007. (2040 GMT 1 April). The earthquake created a tsunami causing significant damage in the Solomon Islands.

2. The NDC reports that the affected area includes Gizo, Simbo, Ranogga, Shortlands, Munda, Noro, Vella la Vella, Kolombangarra and parts of the southern coast of Choiseul. Aerial surveillance shows that the worst-affected areas are the southern coast of Gizo, Simbo Island and the central southern coast of Choiseul between Moli and Posarae and Sasamungga.

3. 52 people have been confirmed dead in the April 2nd tsunami.


4. The National Disaster Council held a joint meeting with the Technical Advisory Team (TAT) at 2pm today. More information on what they have discussed may be available in the next Sitrep.

5. Chairperson of the TAT Jane Waetara and the two representatives of ADB held a discussion this afternoon. The outcomes of their discussion is not available before this report is released.

6. Stakeholders will hold a meeting at 2pm tomorrow 26th April in Honiara.

7. An NDMO officer is continuing to operate the airport reception centre to receive, register and guide incoming relief teams.

8. Action Desks in the NDC head office are still working.


9. SKM, the RAMSI Infrastructure and Related Services Program have donated a cheque for $10,000.00 to NDC Chairman Fred Fakari'i today. The cheque was presented by Moana Pelu and Janet Hatimoana.

10. The Malaita for Western and Choiseul Province Tsunami Committee's two-week fundraising through music and associated activities, launched last Saturday, is still going at the SI Ports vacant land at Point Cruz.


11. The Premier of Western Province, Mr. Alex Lokopio has praised the mothers who have reacted heroically in the face of danger during the earthquake and tsunami that had swept and buried their homes and loved ones. Premier Lokopio expressed his profound gratitude and heartfelt appreciation to the women who have worked hard to organize the memorial service held at the JFK Stadium in Gizo yesterday to remember those who have lost their lives on 2nd April. He told the women that he regarded them as silent heroes.

12. The NDMO/PDC in Gizo has warned the of Keara and Kolomali people to be extra cautious when venturing into the bush to their gardens on the hilltops, as they are highly susceptible to landslides at any moment. This caution follows landslides the communities of Ranongga experienced during and immediately after the earthquake/tsunami on 2nd April. Keara and Kolomali villagers have told a visiting Geological team the blocked rivers are not safe for drinking, cooking, washing ,and swimming and requested water tanks to be immediately provided to them because they no longer use the murky and polluted rivers.

13. The following was received from a report sent by the Lauru People's Association today in which it says:

- In collaboration with Lauru Land Conference (LLCTB) Office, organised an appeal on 5th and 6th April and raised $90,886.90 (cash and materials). Materials include clothes, pots, household items.

- Reports received later indicated successful delivery of first shipment. Randall Biliki will complete field report and return to Honiara on Tuesday, 24th April

- April 15th (Sunday), a second shipment by LPA-TCC was sent to Southern Choiseul per MV Compass Rose by courtesy of Wings Shipping. Seventy-five bales of clothes from NDMO for Choiseul was given to LPA-TCC to ship. The bales consist of 37 bales of linen and 38 bales of children's clothes. LPA decided to divide these to 37 villages (1 linen and 1 childrens wear) to each village except Voza with an extra bale of children's wear.

- Thirty-seven (37) villages identified followed reports from LPA field assessors traveling on the first shipment. Village clusters were re-aligned as follows: Gorabara/Sene/Puzivae; Loloko; Luti/Kolokapisa; Tuzu/Kiniso; Katurasele; Kuliu/Qevala; Papara; Banganoe; Kanai; Nabusas; Tunoe; Sepa/Ghoe; Boe; Lologhae/Panarui; Malangono/Pedakalata/Dara; Lokalaji; Sasamunga/Tagaza; Palagazu; Vavudu; Tabasaru; Kuki/Vua; Zarepe; Sagigae/Ngarione; Vagara/Salakana; Voza; Gazakeo/Koloni; Moli Parish/Moli School; Vudutaru; Nukiki; Posarae; Lituni; Kuku; Tamata; Pimadara; Solovae; Levaleva/Six pen.

- LPA received a letter of acknowledgement of its role in fundraising activities for its people on 12th April fro Director of NDMO. LPA also received a copy of a letter to Chairman, NDMO dated 9th April from Choiseul Disaster Committee endorsing LPA for its services and support and to collaborate with NDMO on behalf of the Choiseul Disaster Committee.

- LPA-TCC obtained permit from Honiara Town Council to carry out fund-raising activities for the tsunami appeal in Honiara, Central Market and SIPA Area. Solomon Island Port Authority permitted LPA-TCC to use its fenced area in point Cruz to sell foods and solicit donations.

- LPA also established a "Technical Advisory Group" (LPA-TAG) consisting of a multi-disciplinary group of experts from Choiseul to provide technical information, analysis and recommendations to LPA and Choiseul province regarding the immediate, intermediate and long term relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction of services and infrastructures for the villages that ere affected by the April 2 Tsunami. All aspects of the effects of the Tsunami are covered including economics, social and cultural aspects of reconstruction. The LPA-TAG is mandated by LPA to also provide their expertise to NDMO if requested. It also aims to work closely with Choiseul Province, NDMO and other agencies in bringing about quick relief, recovery and rehabilitation to Choiseul people affected by the tsunami.

- LPA-TCC started to use the SIPA area on a daily basis 14th April and is continuing today. The public have been very generous and supportive just as some companies and organizations both local and overseas.

- LPA-TCC's 3rd shipment of relief is planned for next week (Thursday, 26th) by MV Lauru. This shipment will be more substantial due to higher donation and fund-raising. It will concentrate much needed household goods and tools to help recovery of basic shelter, gardening and health concerns.

- LPA-TCC representatives continue to participate in "NDMO Stakeholders' Meetings". LPA will present its more comprehensive report after the return of its Field Assessor, Mr Randall Biliki next week.


12. James Samuel the India-based Habitat For Humanity Officer will join his Regional Program Advisor for Habitat For Humanity in the Pacific Tevita Ravumaidama today in Honiara. The pair will meet the NDMO Director Loti Yates tomorrow.

13. An officer of the Food and Agriculture Organisation based in Apia, Samoa, has arrived in the country and plans to travel to affected communities tomorrow morning. The officer is will be accompanied by Nick Nonga, a senior officer in the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands.

14. In its final report the USS Stockham which left SI waters late Friday 20th after an eleven day assistance program said its Task Group 710.10 support activities for 20 April were the following:

- The helo detachment transferred 2300lbs of food/supplies to Duke and Vella La Vella Islands

- The LNO returned to the ship.

- USNS STOCKHAM departed the area.

- Total Numbers for Support to the Solomon Islands Relief Effort:

Personnel moved: 246

Cargo moved: 28,134lbs

Total Flight Hours: 85.6 hours

15. 250 large tents ordered by UNICEF are awaiting transportation to Gizo for distribution to affected communities.

NEXT NDMO SITUATION REPORT: Tuesday 24th April 2007

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