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Solomon Islands National Disaster Council Update 05 Jan 2003

Situation Report
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Press Release.

Initial reports from the Medical Team on Tikopia at 6pm this evening confirmed that seventy households were completely destroyed. All domestic items such as cooking utensils, clothes, beddings, etc belonging to the seventy households were washed away.

It was also relayed to the Central Control Group (CCG) that the most immediate need is food, which is addressed by the relief supplies on the way on board MV Isabella estimated to arrive at Tikopia at 3am Monday morning.

The Team Leader Dr Oberlie confirmed that there was also damage to the water supply system. "There are some water sources contaminated by dead leaves and debris...with foul smelling water" said Dr Oberlie. There is also a non-contaminated water supply available on the island and also there are water containers on board the Isabella to address any short fall. The Patrol Boat Auki will leave Tikopia for Anuta on Monday night. The Medical Team will first liase with the MV Isabella assessment team for a briefing and will help to unload supplies. The Patrol Boat will take on board new supplies and will depart for Anuta. It is expected to arrive in Anuta on Tuesday morning where an initial assessment will be undertaken. Arrival in Anuta at first-light is important to allow a safe beach landing for the vessels dingy.

The radio in the clinic on Tikopia has been repaired and is now functioning normally.


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