Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands Humanitarian Situation Report #5, 15-21 April 2014

Situation Report
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Salient Points

  • Two weeks after torrential rain and river overflow in Honiara, Guadalcanal, Malaita and Isabel Provinces caused massive flooding, damages and displacement on 3 and 5 April 2014, flood waters are receding leaving behind acres of mud and debris

  • Destruction or serious damage has been widespread to families, residential and business communities, farmers and related livelihoods, and infrastructure, including water sources, and schools

  • 10,653 people are living in 21 evacuation centres in Honiara. Honiara City Council (19 April) reports around 4,000 of these evacuees are aged 0-16

  • Guadalcanal Province Health Department’s assessment results: 10% of communities with clean water; 28% with functional toilet; 4% with adequate food; 29% of births attended by skilled staff (WHO, 19 April)

  • Some electricity and water systems restored; but large numbers of people remain dependent on emergency tank trucks, water purification tablets