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Solomon Islands: Hograno Man Questions on Relief Food Supplies to his Area

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A resident of West Hograno is calling on responsible authorities to respond to food shortages in the West Hograno area following the area being declared a disaster area earlier this year.

Mr Applose Manegere is making the call on behalf of chiefs, men, women and children of West Hograno in their anticipation for relief food supplies.

Following heavy torrential rain in January this year which either washed away food gardens or caused them to rot, assessment teams have visited the area and declared it a disaster zone. However, following their visits, no relief supplies have reached the affected communities.

This has made Mr Manegere to question the criteria used to make them a disaster area and why anticipated food supplies expected to follow are taking so long to get to those affected.

In a statement sent from Susubona Community Email facilities, Mr Manegere questions why when other communities are declared disaster areas, the actions to respond to their situation were prompt, but when they become victims, there was no action at all. "Is this because it depends on their representatives in both provincial and national government?" he questioned.

He went on to say that their food gardens are what they depend on for their food - unlike working people depending on regular fortnightly pay to enable them to pay store food such as rice. And that even if they had planted and replanted following the heavy rains, the gardens will not bear forthwith but will require up to six months to bear any yield.

He questions, "are authorities expecting our people to wait for what we have planted to bear yield before we can eat, and still survive"?