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Solomon Islands: Help for Tikopia and Anuta from Ulawa island

News and Press Release
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ULAWA, Solomon Islands (PFnet News)---Residents around Pirupiru Community in Ulawa, Makira Ulawa Province will help cyclone victims on Tikopia and Anuta islands.

PFnet News was informed that in a meeting consisting of around one hundred people, including chiefs, church pastors, business owners but to name a few, an agreement has been reached for the residents to zone the island to supply planting materials for the two islands.

A supply of plants such as coconut fruit, banana, pineapple suckers, tapioka (cassava), sago palm fruits and taro will be sent over to the two islands from villagers around Pirupiru Community.

Villagers will be informed on transport arrangement to have the planting materials shipped over to the cyclone stricken islands.

Meanwhile, the villagers welcome the visit to be taken by the State Government team, and opt for the team to make a point of visiting the four centres - Pirupiru, Moli, Ripo and Rarahoi.