Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands: Help on its way to Tikopia and Anuta

Among the relief supplies on board the M.V Ramos III that left for Tikopia and Anuta were assistance from the Australian Government.

Stacey Greene, Australian High Commission's Second Secretary said that the Australian government provided approximately SBD$265,000 worth of supplies for the immediate need of these recovering communities and people.

These include about 32 tonnes of rice and flour, 2,800 pumpkin, tomato, cabbage and watermelon seeds.

There will be several stopovers at Makira where Australian funds will be used to purchase local building materials to help the large numbers of families who lost their homes start rebuilding.

"This will be a welcome relief for those families who have been living under plastic sheeting after their homes were washed away or damaged when Cyclone Zoe struck the two islands," said Ms Greene.

The M.V Ramos III will make its last stop over at Lata where local produce will be purchased with Australian funds. The local produce will be for Tikopia and Anuta.

Vitamins and nutrients have been absent from the diet of many of the people on these islands after Cyclone Zoe destroyed their food gardens and local crops. They have been predominantly surviving on rice and other tinned foods.

Australian purchased medical supplies and equipment for Tikopia were also on board the Ramos III, Greene said.

These supplies are part of more than SBD$1,465,000 assistance to Tikopia and Anuta and is additional to assistance provided to Rennell and Bellona.