Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands: Flash Floods Situation Report No. 9 (as of 29 May 2014)

Situation Report
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• The number of internally displaced persons has reduced to 1,530 across six evacuation centres in Honiara.  

• 1,020 households have been assessed as badly damaged in Guadalcanal Province, with over 2,700 kitchens destroyed.  

• Shelter and non-food item distributions are covering 50 per cent and 66 per cent respectively of assessed needs in Guadalcanal.  

• Over 200,000 litres of water was delivered to people in Honiara ECs and affected communities in east and west GP by Solomon Islands Red Cross and World Vision Solomon Islands.    • 860 livelihood kits have been distributed by Oxfam and World Vision.  

• The National Disaster Council has approved the Humanitarian Action Plan.

  • 1,500 IDPs remain in six evacuation centers
  • 1,020 Households badly damaged in Guadalcanal Province
  • 860 Livelihood kits distributed by Oxfam and World Vision


Situation Overview

Nearly two months after flash floods affected the Solomon Islands, the number of internally displaced persons (IDPs) has reduced to 1,530 across six evacuation centres (ECs) in Honiara. Many are returning to their home or place of origin with return packages issued by the Government based on their level of impact.

The Government is consolidating IDPs into three main ECs, namely Festival of Pacific Arts (FOPA) village and Rove Police Club for people who have lost homes, and also Holy Cross Catholic Church Hall. Over 2,000 people have vacated Panatina Pavilion after receiving return packages. Most of the remaining IDPs at Mbokonavera School have been transferred to FOPA, with an additional tent erected and the urgent repair of huts required to accommodate the extra people. The Ministry of Infrastructure Development conducted assessments of FOPA huts on 23 May and will work with the Shelter Cluster to undertake repairs. The National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) is aiming to have most ECs vacated by mid-June.

IDP return surveys by NDMO are almost complete with the information being used to determine whether IDPs intend to return to their place of origin, and the quantity and type of return packages required. The NDMO has further refined the IDP return strategy, with IDPs classified under Category A (lost gardens) to receive return packages valued at SBD1,000 per family and Category C (lost homes) around SBD10,000 per family. The Government is yet to release resettlement plans for IDPs with lost homes and some families are unwilling to leave ECs in the hope of securing a housing scheme offer. Shelter assessments in Guadalcanal Province (GP) by Solomon Islands Red Cross (SIRC) and World Vision Solomon Islands (WVSI) are nearly complete, with 14 per cent (1,020) of 7,286 households badly damaged and 2,700 kitchens destroyed.

Water deliveries and well cleaning activities are continuing, with over 200,000 litres of water trucked to IDPs and affected communities by SIRC and WVSI. Hygiene messaging is being targeted in communities reporting high rates of diarrhoea, with cases starting to decrease in both Honiara and GP.


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