Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands earthquake and tsunami response program 21 May 2007

Where: Gizo camps, both in town and on the southern coast

People targeted: 3,500+ people

Funding: SBD $2 million+, includes funding from AusAid and NZAid


1) To restore and improve access to water and sanitation facilities in the Gizo area affected by the April 2007 earthquake and tsunami.

2) To support provision of emergency shelter needs and develop longer term program to move from emergency shelter to transitional shelter to more permanent shelter.

3) To reduce the incidence of water borne disease through a integrating a public health and hygiene response into water and sanitation activities.

4) To support local authorities, particularly the Ministry of Health and rural water supply and sanitation services to coordinate and implement response and rehabilitation activities.

Activities & Achievements 9th – 21st May:
Plans for 22nd - 24th May:
Access to water
First 13 standpipes prepared for installation of waterpoints in camps.
3 tapstands prepared for installation on Jah Mountain
Location of rain catchment system for in Nusa Baruku Camp 2
Location of rain catchment system for New Mandra finalized and materials delivered
Alternative spring water sources surveyed for New Mandra camp and system to supply 2 standpipes designed
Completion of rain catchment system in Nusa Baruku Camp 2
Completion of rain catchment system in New Mandra camp
Construction of tapstands on Jah Mountain
Fianalisation of location of first two tapstands and materials for Nusa Baruku camps 2 and 3
Watsan Coordination meeting at 5pm on Monday the 22nd
Sanitation Continued completion of latrines in camps outside of Gizo
Leaf walling panels distributed to camps
Titiana camp 1 visited by community mobiliser and construction technician to determine location of 4 pit latrines
Completion of latrines already commenced in camps outside Gizo
Construction of latrines in Titiana Camp 1
Monitoring of latrine construction to assess number completed and remedial work required
Remedial work for dry pit latrines on Gizo Hilltop determined and work plan finalised
Public health promotion Brainstorming with HP team (+2 women from community) on ways to deliver hygiene messages to women and youth
Planning of meeting with organizations involved with youth and women
Preparation for weeks lessons on safe water
training for HP team by UNICEF
attended protection meeting – facilitating links with womens groups
PHP activities in:
- Babylon camp
- Bahai camp
- Jah mountain 1
Shelter Completion of multi-purpose shelters in Titiana Camp and Mile 6
Consultations with camp management committees completed to get committee names, population figures by family and decide on tent allocations. Plan for Tent allocation finalized
Consultation with Titiana Camp 1 representatives to plan location of next multi-purpose shelter – to be located in the village
Distribution of 185 tents
Completion of multi-purpose shelters in Titiana Camp and Mile 6
Commence construction of multi-purpose shelter in Titiana Village
Follow up with MOH on usage of transitional shelter constructed on the property of the demolished Doctors residence
Gender Always included in all HP Watsan and shelter consultations Female Community mobiliser accompanying team distributing tents to liaise with camp management committees
Other Work Coordination meeting with UNICEF Watsan Engineer to determine relative roles in regards to Watsan work on Gizo and prepare MOU Forward planning of Watsan activities on Gizo and finalize additional information for proposal to NZ Aid

Country Representative visiting Gizo to familiarize with programme and provide Oxfam induction for new staff