Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands earthquake and tsunami response program 20 May 2007

News and Press Release
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Where: Gizo camps, both in town and on the southern coast

People targeted: 3,500+ people

Funding: SBD $2 million+, includes funding from AusAid and NZAid


1) To restore and improve access to water and sanitation facilities in the Gizo area affected by the April 2007 earthquake and tsunami.

2) To support provision of emergency shelter needs and develop longer term program to move from emergency shelter to transitional shelter to more permanent shelter.

3) To reduce the incidence of water borne disease through a integrating a public health and hygiene response into water and sanitation activities.

4) To support local authorities, particularly the Ministry of Health and rural water supply and sanitation services to coordinate and implement response and rehabilitation activities.

Activities & Achievements 17th – 18th May:
Plans for 19th-20th May
Access to water
First 13 standpipes prepared for installation of waterpoints in camps.
Roof catchment system completed in Nusa Baruku Camp 3
Community consultations held at Nusa Baruku with camp management representatives to discuss plans for installing standpipes and rain catchment systems
Survey of alternative spring water sources for New Mandra camp
Continued completion of latrines at Titiana, Nusa Baruka and other camps
Leaf walling panels collected from Sageragi & Vorivori and distributed to Nusa Baruku, Titiana and other camps
6 reject fuel drum hand washing devices installed
Inspection of pit latrines and hand washing devices in New Mandra camp
Public health promotion
PHP sessions in Playsafe areas at Nusa Baruku, Sitokava, Mile 6 and Bibolo camps as well as in Vorivori camp.
Meeting with Save the Children on targeting PHP activities for young boys
Ongoing camp monitoring and reporting of problems to water and sanitation team
PHP activities in:
- Babylon camp
- Bahai camp
- Jah mountain 1
Continued construction of second multi-purpose shelter at Titiana camp completed. Third shelter at Mile 6 in progress
Distribution of 56 tents to government workers (outside health sector) and 29 for requests received forwarded by PDC
Consultation with camp management committees to get committee names, population figures by family and decide on tent allocations
Continue meetings with camp committees to decide tent allocations
Finalised site for next community shelter through discussion with relevant camp management committee
Always included in all HP Watsan and shelter consultations Female Community mobiliser carrying out consultations with camp management committees to determine tent allocations
Other Work
Staff meeting held to promote greater coordination and understanding between watsan and health promotion team Community mobilisers to continue formation of representative camp committees for purpose of water, sanitation and shelter work or to link with existing committees where possible
Continue set-up of new office and construct shelves for water supply fittings in new warehouse