Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands earthquake and tsunami response program

Situation Report
Originally published
Where: Gizo camps, both in town and on the southern coast

People targeted: 3,500+ people

Funding: SBD $2 million+, includes funding from AusAid and NZAid


1) To restore and improve access to water and sanitation facilities in the Gizo area affected by the April 2007 earthquake and tsunami.

2) To support provision of emergency shelter needs and develop longer term program to move from emergency shelter to transitional shelter to more permanent shelter.

3) To reduce the incidence of water borne disease through a integrating a public health and hygiene response into water and sanitation activities.

4) To support local authorities, particularly the Ministry of Health and rural water supply and sanitation services to coordinate and implement response and rehabilitation activities.

Activities & Achievements 30th April and 1st May: Plans for 2nd and 3rd May

Access to water - Delivered materials to repair second dam at SIEA to increase availability of water for trucking
- Support construction of newly dug wells at Anglican camp
Complete repair of second dam
Complete construction of newly dug wells
Sanitation - Completed third VIP latrine at Babylon
- Community mobilizer followed up on delivery of latrine slabs to ensure pits and superstructure are being built
Community mobilizer to continue with follow up on delivery of latrine slabs
Additional materials/support to be provided where necessary
Public health promotion - Further development of materials for Playsafe area sessions
- First four sessions in Save the Children/UNICEF Playsafe areas
Further six sessions in Playsafe areas
Review of sessions in Playsafe areas
Shelter - Continue construction of prototype transitional shelter
- Distribute 200 tarpaulins across Noro on a 'fill the gaps' basis using PDC beneficiary list to prioritise (New Mandra, Titiana, Sarage, Mile 6, Vori Vori, Situkava, Vanikuva)
- Prepared shelter repair kits in Honiara
Complete construction of prototype transitional shelter
Begin construction of prototype multi-purpose community shelter
Dispatch shelter repair kits from Honiara
Other Work - Responded to logged PDC request forms
Further responses to PDC request forms