Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands: Dengue outbreak DREF operation update n° 1 (MDRSB005)


Summary of the revisions made to emergency plan of action:

Based on the dengue outbreak situation report #16 (covering up to 15 January 2017) from Ministry of Health and Medical Services received by SIRC on 26 January and information from a meeting between SIRC and MoHMS technical teams that took place on 30 January 2017, the dengue outbreak has not yet been contained in the country. This Operation Update #1 provides information on the implementation of the operation from 1 November 2016 to 31 January 2017 and extends the operation by one month to 28 February 2017. Some activities under the communication component of the operation, such as a national radio spot in coordination with MoHMS, awareness raising activities and overall follow-up actions to consolidate the outcomes of the operations are still to be completed in February. In addition, data entry and dengue desk supported by SIRC volunteers in the National Referral Hospital have been identified as key support to the MoHMS and is planned to be continued through February 2017.

An additional hotspot has been identified on the remote island of Renbell in mid-January 2017, part of Renbell-Belona Province with an estimated population of over 3,572 (census 2009), with 65 cases of dengue suspected and five cases confirmed by RDT (rapid dx test), as of 27 January. Some changes are being considered under the revision of this emergency plan of action (EPoA) as per the latest information coming through the SIRC branch in Renbell, including a visit on 24-26 January by SIRC operations team health focal point to Renbell island to assess the situation, train volunteers and plan small scale awareness raising activities to be conducted through the SIRC branch in February. Situation report #16 from the MoHMS that covers up to 15 January 2017 confirms that Honiara city remains a hotspot. However, this report does not yet include reports from all provinces, including Renbell Province. The long annual leave period around Christmas and New Year have likely impacted the reporting.

The originally identified beneficiary target numbers for Honiara city/Guadalcanal Province, Malaita Province and Gizo city in Western Province were estimated based on the population living in the communities of the catchment areas of the identified clinics and hospitals that were identified as hotspots (with positive and suspected dengue cases) in coordination with the MoHMS. The total population in these catchment areas was estimated as 69,000 people including:

  • 24,000 people in catchment areas of 8 health clinics in Honiara/Guadalcanal,
  • 25,000 people in catchment area of 1 hospital and 2 clinics in Guadalcanal,
  • 11,000 people in catchment area of 1 hospital and 1 clinic in Malaita Province, and
  • 9,000 people in catchment area of Gizo hospital in Gizo city in Western Province.

This Operation Update #1 reports that through the SIRC dengue operation up to 16,000 people have been directly reached with the dengue public awareness and public educational activities, including clean-up campaigns in above hotspots. The numbers for directly reached people are still being compiled and will be reported in the final report together with estimated numbers of people reached through the different PAPE channels, besides the direct beneficiaries.