Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands: COVID-19 Outbreak - Situation Report No. 02 (as of February 23, 2022)



• COVID-19 Community Transmission for more than 6,000 cases confirmed positive

• 7out of 9 Provinces report community transmission of COVID-19

• 85 confirmed deaths

• 77 COVID-19 patients currently in hospital

• All transportation between Honiara and the provinces have been suspended except cargo

• ADRA Solomon Islands has mobilised with CANDO to deliver 250 care packages supporting people with disabilities

• Looking to partner with Western Province Health Authority for medical supplies distribution


Information on the Emergency

This is the first time that there has been a community outbreak of SARS-CoV-2, since its first detection in the world back in December 2019. Solomon Islands has a very poor health system which will not be able to handle a large outbreak, hence the National Government’s strategy of prevention of entry/ denial of entry, with strict border controls. These have now been breached and detection has been late meaning that the virus has been going around in the community for some weeks or perhaps months already. On Tuesday 18th of January it was announced that there were 6 cases of community transmission in the Ontong Java group of islands. On Wednesday 19th it was announced that there was a case of transmission in Honiara.

Now the National Referral Hospital (NRH) is mainly filled with COVID-19 patients who require medical care and support. All others with mild symptoms that can be managed at home are not taken into the hospital. A second and third field hospital has been established to boost the country’s medical response capabilities. The NRH has scaled back its operations to critical care only such as births and emergencies only. Outpatient services have been shut down.