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Solomon Islands: Concerned Farmers want Quick Fix to Broken Bridges

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Of the bridges damaged by heavy downpour last week to the west of Honiara, three have temporarily being fixed. The Tamboko bridge linking the larger North West and West Guadalcanal access to Honiara remains to be usable.

This has caused great difficulties to farmers further west of the bridge in moving their farm produces to be sold in Honiara.

Urged, however, by the will to have their produce sold, farmers have had to endure with crossing the flooding river with their baskets and bags to get to the other side. Some even resorted to using out board motor boats which is proving very expensive.

The scenario above has resulted in concerns by the vendors, especially at this time of the year when parents have to earn from their farm produce in order to cater for the wellfares of their children returning to schools.

Among the concerned are people with copra, cocoa and timber they have reserved to sell at this time of the year purposed for their school-aged children's welbeings. These produce are not easy to cross the river with and the lack of shipping services to the area is not making it any easier for the farmers.

The people are calling on the National Disaster Management Office and Red Cross to assist some of the affected communities.

Island Road Construction is currently attending to repair works to the bridges.