Security concerns in quake-stricken Solomons

from Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Published on 15 Feb 2013 View Original

Solomon Islands police say they are disappointed with people from quake-hit Temotu province who have been trying to disrupt the distribution of relief supplies.

In one incident on Wednesday, locals set up a road block in an attempt to extort supplies from emergency services.

The Commissioner of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force says he has sent his deputy to Temotu, and the road block has now been removed.

John Lansley has told Radio Australia that locals need to understand supplies must go where they are needed most.

"Primarily our job is to help with the security of the distribution of the relief supplies, and I have to say it's disappointing that we're being diverted from this task by people causing criminal activity."

In separate incident also on Wednesday, a car crash resulted in a large crowd gathering at the police station in Lata.

A magnitude 8.0 earthquake struck the Solomons Island more than a week ago, triggering a metre-high tsunami that devastated coastal villages on the remote Santa Cruz Islands.

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