Solomon Islands

Matrix of Australian NGO activities in Solomon Islands


ACFOA members undertake a wide range of activities with Solomon Island partners in all sectors.
This matrix outlines their long-term continuous involvement across all levels.

Australian NGOs have long-standing relationships with local Solomon Island partners. Currently 16 agencies work with more than 50 local partners. These partnerships enable Australian NGOs to work very effectively on a wide range of activities aimed at poverty reduction.

These activities include:

  • Civil society strengthening
  • Provision of basic services
  • Community engagement in peace and reconciliation

The scope, volume and diversity of Australian NGO experience is demonstrated in this matrix, which provides:

  • Each agency's organisational profile, contact details and data on past and current projects
  • Data categorised by sector, size, location, partnerships and staffing
  • Analysis according to sector and partners (Appendices 1&2).

(PDF* format - 344 KB)