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Hurricane in Solomon Islands leaves thousands homeless

News and Press Release
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An 8.0-magnitude undersea earthquake followed by a deadly tsunami sent huge waves crashing down on the coastline of the western Solomon Islands in the remove Pacific Region.

Thousands have been left homeless, more are missing and feared dead, and a series of aftershocks continue to threaten the islands as I write. Neighboring Papua New Guinea is also reporting tsunami damage!

People living in the town of Gizo, which was destroyed, fled to the hills. Many are scared to leave the hillside because of the aftershocks. Others have come down and are picking their way through the ruins for food and water. They're injured, wet, and cold.

The most urgent needs are for shelter, food, water, and medical supplies. But many communication lines are down and radio communications are intermittent, slowing response.

While the waters recede and communication becomes more stable, ADRA's office in the Solomons is responding to the disaster in partnership with local government emergency responders.

We've allocated funds from our "Disaster and Famine Relief Fund" for an initial emergency response, but we need to do much more to help restore life for those who've lost loved ones and homes.

Will you give an emergency gift today before more people lose their lives in the aftermath of this disaster?

Our "Disaster and Family Relief Fund" is what we use when a disaster strikes. Last year alone, we responded to 46 emergencies, and we could only do that because you replenish that fund each year.

Today, along with the Solomon Islands disaster, we're facing a crisis here at home, with what the American news media are calling "a very active hurricane season with 17 named hurricanes!"

In Argentina, rising rivers in three rain-soaked provinces have forced 38,000 people to flee their homes. Displaced people carrying laundry baskets with only a few possessions struggled through waist-deep waters trying to escape to higher ground. Ant people are dying, as I write.

Others have crossed flooded highways in small boats, and some families are waiting on rooftops for rescue.

We have to be ready to respond to these disasters and rescue people who are trapped by tsunamis, floods, and hurricanes!

Will you help replenish our Emergency Fund today so that when a hurricane rips through a state, or a flood buries an entire town, we can respond as quickly as possible?

Our office in Madagascar is currently responding to an ongoing drought, which has cause widespread famine for thousands of people. Father north in the same country, floods have damaged rice-producing areas, also leaving people without food. Children are starving; some have died.

ADRA's commitment to disaster response is firm. There is no way we can sleep at night when people are trapped on rooftops, children are buried under rubble, and homes have been torn apart. We will provide aid where and when we can.

But to do that, we need your help Today.

Right now, we need to expand our response in the Solomons, get ready for the hurricane season here, respond to the horrific flooding in Argentina, and continue to provide food aid to those affected in Madagascar.

And those are just a few of the emergencies we're handling.

Please be as generous as you possibly can by donating today.