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Donations approach $1 million in ravaged Solomons

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HONARIA, Solomon Islands (SIBC, Jan. 6) - Cash donations for the victims of Cyclone Zoe, which devastated the islands of Tikopia and Anuta in the Temotu Province 9 days ago is approaching the US$1 million mark.
The Republic of China on Monday donated $74,000 to the National Disaster Council to assist in relief work to the victims of the cyclone.

Emergency food supplies have now landed on the shores of Tikopia.

Seventy households on Tikopia were completely flattened by cyclone Zoe when it hit Tikopia December 28.

The Temotu Provincial Disaster Committee has been asked to make a full report of damages caused on Nukapu, Nifiloli, Matema, Pileni and Nupani.

The Social and Economic Development Association of Tikopia, SEDAT is planning various fundraising activities to complement contributions made by various governments, non government organisations and individuals to assist the people of Tikopia.

The National Disaster Council says it still holds great concern for the people of Anuta island despite delays in delivering emergency assistance to them.

The medical team which arrived on the cyclone devastated island of Tikopia on the police patrol boat has treated some of the people with injuries on the island.