Solomon Islands

Call for long-term plan to help Solomon Islands' flood victims

Solomon Island's Government has been called on to develop a clear, long-term plan to help victims of April's floods, following attempts to close evacuation centres in the capital Honiara.

The Solomon Islands Government has been urged to develop a clear, long-term plan to help people still living in evacuation centres since April's devastating floods.

The Government has attempted to close the centres, but extended their operation until the end of the month after protests from flood victims.

Solomon Islands Development Trust says a two-way dialogue is needed between the flood victims and the Government.

"It's about dealing with people's lives so they can be rehabilitated in a manner that they also participate meaningfully in," said Trust head, Longden Manedika.

"That's why I prefer that a common agenda needs to be tabled. The agenda is not to to look at the views of the authorities, but to also consider the needs of the displaced people."

The devastating floods left thousands homeless, many of whom were living in squatter settlements close to the rivers and waterways around the capital Honiara.

Earlier this month, flood victims issued threats against disaster management staff as tension mounted over the plan to close evacuation centres.

Emergency authorities are running out of funds and are encouraging 1,500 people living in the centres to return to their home provinces.


Australian Broadcasting Corporation