Solomon Islands

Australian NGO assistance provided to communities affected by Cyclone Zoe in the Solomon Islands

A number of Australian NGOs have committed funds for humanitarian supplies including shelter, clean water, food, medicines and blankets. Additionally Australian NGOs are undertaking assessment missions to assess the existing and future humanitarian needs.
Responding Agencies are:

  • Australian Red Cross
  • Caritas Australia
  • Oxfam Community Aid Abroad
  • World Vision Australia

Given the isolated location of the islands affected the transport of goods from Australia is extremely difficult and costly therefore agencies are unable to accept gifts in kind.

Australians wishing to help the Solomon Islanders in this time of need can donate money to the following agencies:

Australian Foundation for Peoples of Asia and the Pacific: 1800 007 038
World Vision Australia: 13 32 40
Oxfam Community Aid Abroad: 1800 088 110