Solomon Islands

ADRA reconstructs water supplies in Solomon Islands

The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) has reconstructed water supplies in two villages on the Shortland Islands following the tsunami that struck parts of western Solomon Islands in April.

ADRA Solomon Islands, with funding from ADRA Australia, has installed four 1,000 gallon tanks in the villages of Nuhu and Ghaomai, providing clean water supplies for nearly 700 villagers. ADRA also provided training in the maintenance of the equipment.

"The completion of this project means that those affected by this terrible disaster are well on their way to restoring their lives and getting back to a sense of normalcy," said ADRA Australia's manager for Emergency Management, Chris Olafson. "We're pleased that the installation of these tanks brings water supplies to these villages to a standard better than prior to the tsunami."

In addition to this project, ADRA Australia has provided a further $12,000 toward the restoration of housing and clean water facilities on the island of Choiseul. This $79,000 project, funded by multiple offices within the global ADRA network, will benefit at least 440 families by providing tools and training for the reconstruction of houses and a block and tackle for houses on pillars that need to be straightened. ADRA is also installing a water tank in Gorabora village and a water tank and catchment system in Kakasa village, providing more than 200 people with clean water.

Following the April 2 earthquake-triggered tsunami, which caused the deaths of at least 52 people and left an estimated 5,500 people homeless in the worst affected areas, ADRA's immediate response included the provision of household kits and sanitation facilities for communities on the islands of Vella Lavella, Ranongga and south Choiseul. In total, ADRA Australia has allocated more than $36,000 in response to this disaster to assist in the restoration of affected communities.

To assist ADRA Australia's response in times of disaster, donations can be made to ADRA Australia's Disaster and Famine Relief Fund by calling 1800 242 372 or visiting

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