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Update: Initial Assessment Report: Eastern Slovakia 5th March 2022


Rapid Assessment of medical situation, Update: March 5th, 2022


One 16-year old reported to have arrived on date of due delivery. Refused to be taken to hospital fearing costs for care. She later gave birth on a bus headed towards western Slovakia.
Mother and baby are well.

Emergency equipment and referral

Available at border and in camp (Humenné),
Access to ambulance (transportation to Hospital)
Refugees are reluctant to seek medical aid, because in the beginning those, who did not have the status of asylum seekers in Slovakia (transit only), had to pay. The current status is unclear.


No standardized test strategy.
In the transit shelters at the border, refugees are tested if symptomatic. Positive cases are accommodated in sperate tents. All refugees use the same WASH facilities.

Onward travel:

Groups of refugees:

  1. Healthy, no signs of exhaustion
    Usually proceed to transit immediately.

  2. Signs of disease / exhaustion
    Usually stay for 1 night in a transit camp. Seen by Primary Health Care service and then proceed to transit.

Attempts to integrate refugees (especially those who lost everything) in Slovakian host families, preferably in the western part of Slovakia.

Team lead of International Rescue System recommends against setting up large camps near the border for security reasons. He believes these camps could in the future become targets for Russian attacks.