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UNHCR Slovakia: Ukraine refugee situation operational update (4 May 2022)


Since the war began in Ukraine on 24 February 2022, over382,000refugeesfrom Ukraine have crossed into Slovakia, the vast majority(89per cent)women and children, as well as older people and others with specific needs. Many require urgent medical care, including persons with chronic illnesses and those with mental health and physical disabilities.

To ensure a favourable protection environment, UNHCR is supporting government-led efforts through a multisectoral response focusing on protection, reception and accommodation ,and material as well as cash assistance for the most vulnerable groups including those with specific needs.

UNHCR and partners are present at border crossing pointsand other locations where refugees are assisted,includingin urban areas,to provide information on rights and available services, identify vulnerable refugeesand refer them to relevant services, and tomonitor and reinforce reception conditions.