EADRCC final report floods in Slovak republic

News and Press Release
Originally published
Message N=BA. : OPS(EADRCC)(2006)0020

Dtg: 04 APR 2006 08:00 UTC

From: Euro-Atlantic Disaster Response Coordination Centre

To: Points of Contact for International Disaster Response in NATO and Partner Countries

Precedence: Priority

Originator: Duty officer - Phone: +32 2 707 2670

Approved by: Head EADRCC

Reference: EAPC(C)D(98)10(Revised) This fax consists of : 1 pages

1. Situation update:

1.1 The EADRCC just got information that the request for 150.000 sand bags to floods in Slovak Republic is now fully met by the following contribution:

1.2 50.000 sand bags have been donated by Austria 3 April and arrived the same day.

1.3 50.000 sand bags have been donated by Germany 3 April, will arrive 5 April.

1.4 50.000 sand bags have been donated by Poland 3 April (through EU-MIC)

1.5 25.000 sand bags have been donated by Croatia 4 April, will be delivered by road

2. The EADRCC wish to thank the nations for quick response to the urgent request from Slovak Republic.