Sierra Leone

WHO Global Malaria Programme visits Sierra Leone to assess progress of second round of malaria mass drug administration in response to Ebola

20 January 2015: - The Ebola outbreak has created numerous challenges for the continuation of routine health services at all levels and has had adverse effects on the malaria programmes in affected countries.

After the successful completion of the first round of the malaria mass drug administration (MDA) campaign in Sierra Leone on December 5-8, 2014, the Ministry of Health started a second round on 16 January 2015, in collaboration with UNICEF, Medicines Sans Frontieres-Spain, the Global Fund, WHO, RBM and other partners.

Community in the most Ebola affected areas shun seeking health services. Therefore, the goal of the MDA campaign is to contribute to the containment of the Ebola outbreak by reducing malaria incidence – and thereby the number of suspected Ebola cases that would require screening and isolation – and to lower the risk of Ebola transmission among malaria patients.

A WHO delegation – comprised of Dr Pedro Alonso, Director of the WHO Global Malaria Programme, Dr Andrea Bosman and Dr Maru Aregawi – is visiting Sierra Leone on 19-21 January to provide technical support for the assessment of the MDA campaign and its impact.