Sierra Leone

WFP Sierra Leone Country Brief, March 2022


In Numbers

384 mt of food assistance distributed

USD 462,704 cash-based transfers made

USD 7.1m six-month (April-September 2022) net funding requirements

224,596 people assisted in March 2022

Operational Updates

Crisis Response

• In March 12,000 people from households identified as most food insecure in Pujehun district, received their second round of WFP cash-based transfers to meet immediate food needs. The recipients were mostly households headed by widowers or widows, chronically ill, older persons and people with children aged between 6 – 59 months.

Resilience Building

• WFP Sierra Leone organised a virtual study visit to WFP’s Centre of Excellence against Hunger in Brazil, to facilitate an exchange of learning on the successful home-grown school feeding (HGSF) programme. Ministers of Education and Social Security from Sierra Leone attended the event, which emphasized a multisectoral approach. Following WFP’s ongoing HGSF pilot, the Government of Sierra Leone plans to roll out HGSF in line with its new school feeding policy, leveraging expertise through continued South-South cooperation.

• To boost food production and rural economic growth, WFP initiated the procurement of 107 metric tons of milled rice produced by local smallholder farmers. Over 50 WFP-assisted farmer-based organizations (FBOs) in six districts signed letters of intent to supply the commodity, which will be used for WFP’s school feeding programme.

• WFP and experts from the Ministry of Agriculture trained 16 FBOs in Pujehun district, on managing Village Savings and Loans Associations (VSLA) to support vulnerable people’s access to agricultural finance, especially women. The farmers learned financial management and group cohesion skills, as well as business principles. The trainings also support financial literacy and encourage continued participation in WFP’s livelihoods programmes to improve their food security. WFP will strengthen its collaboration with the UN Capital Development Fund for further support to VSLAs.