Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone: Landslide and Floods Recovery Bulletin # 2, 19 September 2017


This weekly update is produced by UNDP in collaboration with the UN Resident Coordinator’s Office in Sierra Leone, liaising with the Office of National Security and development partners.

Situation overview  

Following emergency response to the landslide and floods in and around Freetown on 14 August 2017, the UN system in Sierra Leone is now supporting national recovery.  

Under national leadership and drawing on a number of assessments, including the recentlycompleted Damage and Loss Assessment, the Risk Management and Recovery Action Plan is currently being developed and is scheduled for completion in October 2017.  

In the meantime, UN agencies and humanitarian organizations continue to address the urgent needs of those affected. For the purpose of information and coordination, these efforts are detailed here.

Recovery efforts



• Provided technical input to the completion of trainings for personnel involved in the Oral Cholera Vaccination campaign including 61 national and zonal supervisors, 225 district supervisors and 30 independent monitors. Training for 2,901 vaccinators and other team members will be completed on 14 September.

• Supported the development of the vaccine distribution plan. The distribution of the vaccine from the central level to the peripheral health units is scheduled for 14 September.


• Facilitated the transportation of 27 affected pregnant women from Old School Camp,
Mothemeh Camp, Juba Barracks, Don Bosco and Pentagon to the Planned Parenthood Association of Sierra Leone Sexual Reproductive Health Clinic for comprehensive antenatal checks, including full laboratory investigations and ultrasound scanning. Information sessions were held on the importance of antenatal care, adequate diet, and prevention of malaria, tetanus complications and danger signs during pregnancy. All of the clients received the full complement of antenatal services and those who had medical conditions/illnesses were seen and treated (bringing the total reached to 110 women). Out of 27 pregnant women, there was one woman with hypertension and another suspected small gestational age.

• Distributed 25 mama and baby kits (locally known as mama en pikin packs) to pregnant women in the communities of Pentagon and Juba. The mama and baby kits contain essential items including nappies, baby clothes, sanitary pads, wrappers, washing powder and other baby products (bringing the total to 80 women reached).

World Vision International Sierra Leone (WVISL)

• Distributed NFIs under protection, WASH and Health pillars: Blankets - 2,898; Mattresses (4' x 4') - 2,548; Bed sheet - 2,282; Table spoon - 4,297; Aluminum cooking pots - 806 sets;
Drinking cup - 3,948; Plate - 4,697; Sola lamps - 700; Tarpaulin (large size) - 700; Rubber bucket for toilet- 830; Kitchen knives - 700; Aluminum big serving spoon - 350; Rice cooking/serving spoon - 350; Veronica Bucket - 1,099; Water purification (P&G) sachets - 65,940; Cloth for sieving water - 1,099 yds.; ORS- 8,300 pkts.; Sanitary pad - 700 pkts, Jerry can (empty 5 gallon)

  • 350; Toilet bag - 1,099; Toilet soap (6 in pack)2,049pkts; Laundry soap - 4,998 cake; Tooth brush -3,948; Tooth paste - 4,697 tubes Children's chamber - 1,099; Exercise book (80 pages)

  • 3,745; Pen - 1,498; Pencils - 1,498 and Popo back/back pack - 749. Also payment of burial teams.

• 1,099 households, 5,474 persons – 1,403 females, 1,401 males, and 2,670 children.