Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone: Fire Accident Emergency Plan of Action (EPoA) DREF Operation n° MDRSL010


Description of the disaster

A fire incident with an unknown cause broke out late on Wednesday 24 March 2021 in Susan's Bay, an overcrowded area in the capital city of Sierra Leone (Freetown), where thousands of poor families live, mostly fishermen and petty traders. According to interagency assessment results released on 27 March by the National Disaster Management Agency (NDMA), a total of 7,093 people (including children of 1,208) of 1,597 households have been left homeless from this accident. The fire accident also left 409 people injured (207 men, 181 women and 21 children), by the heaps of burnt rubble that used to be their houses. Some children are feared to be injured or separated from their families due to this fire incident.

It is noted that many children have not been able to go to school as a result of the loss of their school properties in the crisis. At the moment, thousands of families in Susan’s Bay already live in desperate conditions as they lost everything they had, including their makeshift shelters, their clothes, food they had in stock, money and other valuable properties are all gone.

The National Disaster Management Agency has established a joint team comprising of partners (Agencies and Humanitarian organizations) to lead and undertake a joint in-depth assessment of the situation and provide technical and coordinating leadership to immediately respond to the incident.