Sierra Leone

Security Council Committee on Sierra Leone urges immediate return of Foday Sankoh to Sierra Leone

The Security Council Committee established pursuant to resolution 1132 (1997) concerning Sierra Leone held its thirteenth meeting today, 18 February 2000, under the new Chairmanship of Ambassador Anwarul Karim Chowdhury (Bangladesh) and discussed the fact that Mr. Foday Sankoh, Chairman of the Commission for the Management of Strategic Resources, National Reconstruction and Development in Sierra Leone, left Sierra Leone without authorization of the Committee. The members of the Committee urged the return of Mr. Sankoh to Sierra Leone immediately. The Committee also decided to remind all Member States of their obligations under Security Council resolution 1171 (1998) dated 5 June 1998, and in particular of paragraph 5 which:

"Decides that all States shall prevent the entry into or transit through their territories of leading members of the former military junta and of the Revolutionary United Front (RUF), as designated by the Committee established by resolution 1132 (1997), provided that the entry into or transit through a particular State of any such person may be authorized by the same Committee, and provided that nothing in this paragraph shall oblige a State to refuse entry to its territory to its own nationals;"

The Security Council Committee attaches to this press release a list (Press Release SC/6472 dated 28 January 1998) of those leading members of the former Military Junta in Sierra Leone (Armed Forces Revolutionary Council -- AFRC) and the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) who have been designated by the Committee as being subject to these restrictions.


Name Title

1. ADAMS, George/Sergeant Arrested 2. BANGURA, Kandeh Sorie-Sebba/Mr. 3. BANGURA, K. /Sergeant. 4. BANGURA, Momoh/Corporal 5. BOB-LAHAI, Hector/Lance Corporal 6. BOKARIE, Sam/Colonel (Revolutionary United aka Commander Moskita. - RUF) 7. BRIMA, Alex Tamba/ Staff Sergeant Principal Liaison Officer II, Works and Labour, Sierra Tel, Customs and Excise, SALPOST 8. CATER-TARAWALLIE, J.B./Major Name Title 9. COLLINS ,Eldred/Lieutenant Secretary of State, Works, Energy & Power [RUF, Liberian] 10. CONTEH, Franklyn/Warrant Officer II 11. GBORIE, Sahr/Sergeant 12. KABIA, Moses/Staff Sergeant Chief Security Officer 13. KALLAY, K./ Sergeant 14. KALLON, David G./Mr. 15. KALLON, Morris/Major 16. KAMARA, Brima Bazzy/Staff Sergeant Principal Liaison aka Ibraham Bazzy Officer III, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Energy and Power, Lotto and Income Tax 17. KAMARA Mohamed Saidu/Mr. 18. KARGBO, Samuel/Warrant Officer II 19. KHANU, S.B./Sergeant 20. KING, Victor L./Major Secretary of State, Office of the Chairman 21. KOROMA, Johnny Paul/Major Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces Revolutionary Council (AFRC), Head of State & Commander-in- Chief 22. KURRARY-BANGURA, Bai Hinga/Mr. 23. LAMIN, Michael S./Colonel Member of the People's Army Leadership 24. MASSAQUOI, Gibril/Colonel Arrested 25. MUNU, Abdulai Michael/Mr. 26. MUSA, Solomon A.J./Captain Chief Secretary of State & Secretary of State, Lands Mines and the environment 27. SANKOH, Abu/Hon. Staff Sergeant Principal Liaison Officer I, Mineral Resources, Transport and Communications, Lands and Environment 28. SANKOH, Foday Sayabana/Corporal Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Council of AFRC, Deputy Head of State and Deputy Commander-in- Chief 29. SANKOH, Haroun S./Mr. 30. SESAY, Abdul Karim/Colonel Secretary General of the Supreme Council of AFRC 31. SESAY, Abdul M./Lance Corporal 32. SESAY, Ibrahim D./Lance Corporal 33. SESAY Issa H./Colonel 34. TURAY, Sulaiman/Sergeant 35. WOMANDIA, Lawrence S./Captain Secretary of State, Trade Industry and State Enterprises


1. BANGALI, Joe Amara/ Mr. Secretary of State, Finance. .2. BANGURA, Alimamy Pallo/Mr. Secretary of State, Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation .3. BANGURA, David/Reverend Secretary of State Religious Affairs .4. BANGURA, Kandeh S./Mr. Secretary of State, Information, Tourism and Cultural Affairs .5. BRANDON, Victor O.F./Mr. Secretary of State, Development & Economic Planning .6. GOTTOR, Fatoma Sanoh/Major Secretary of State, Northern Region .7. KAIGBANGA, Sahr Kondewa/Mr. Secretary of State, aka J.K. Kaibanga Education 8. KAMARA, Augustine F./Major Secretary of State, Southern Region 9. KAMARA, Karefa I.S./ Colonel Secretary of State, Internal Affairs 10. LEIGH, Baila/Dr. Secretary of State, Health and Sanitation 11. MANLEY-SPAINE, Ajibola E./Mr. Attorney General & Secretary of State, Judicial Matters 12. MANSARAY, A.Y.K./Captain Secretary of State, Eastern Region 13. OSHO-WILLIAMS, Cecil Akindele/Mr. Secretary of State, Transport & Communications 14. ROGERS, Solomon.Y.B./Mr Secretary of State, Agriculture and Natural Resources 15. SAMBA, Kula/Major (US Citizen) Secretary of State, Social Welfare, Children & Gender Affairs 16. SESAY, UmaruDin/Mr. Secretary of State, Recreational Sports 17. THOMAS, Paul/Captain Secretary of State Marine Resources 18. WILLIAMS, Abdul Salami/Mr. Secretary of State, Employment Industrial Relations, Youth and Social Mobilization


1. KAMARA, Allieu Badara/Mr. Under-Secretary of State, Information & Spokesman 2 TURAY, Gabriel/Major Under-Secretary of State, Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation 3. MILTON, John E./Major Acting Director of Information 4. KOROMA, S.F.Y./Brigadier-General Chief of Defence Staff (brother of Major Johnny Paul Koroma) This list is to be updated on a regular basis. The Committee is currently considering additional names provided to it, including those of adult members of the immediate families of members of the military junta. The list has been distributed to all Member States and international organizations/agencies.