Providing relief to families displaced by devastating mudslides in Sierra Leone

from Rise Against Hunger
Published on 28 Sep 2017 View Original

Shared in Blog, Emergency Relief on September 28, 2017
by Jessica Hubacher

In the wake of the August mudslides in Sierra Leone that displaced an estimated 10,000 people, Rise Against Hunger has been working to provide aid to those left in need in our ongoing crisis relief efforts.

In addition to displacing thousands from their homes, the mudslides have resulted in more than 1,000 fatalities, leaving families devastated in the aftermath. Aminata, a beneficiary in an affected area of Freetown, Sierra Leone, shares her story:

On Sunday, my child and I went to braid my sister’s hair in Kanigo. As it got later, my sister asked me to spend the night at her apartment because of the time and how dark it had gotten. Later that very night, my uncle called and told me that our whole house was surrounded by water. My sister and I went together at 6:00 a.m. only to find them still surrounded by water. I later called my husband, who is a bike rider, to tell him because we were too far away. He came later. During this time, I saw my uncle and aunty fighting for a way to escape from the water. We were just looking at each other crying holding our hands close to our chests. My husband tried to go into the water to save them but it was rather too late. A heavy storm with speed destroyed the whole house and my family were waving their last goodbyes while fighting for their lives. As the water was dragging them away with their hands up fighting for life, I collapsed. I later regained consciousness but I realized that all them were gone.

My husband and other guys were trying to save others and he nearly drowned. We were later taken to the Chief by the Office of National Security people and some soldiers. They and other organizations were here to help. Caritas Freetown has been a great help to us since this great problem befell us.

Responding to the needs of individuals like Aminata, Rise Against Hunger, in partnership with Airlink and P4H, airlifted 66,500 meals to the affected area. The meals were then distributed to more than 300 families in Freetown and nearby communities by on-the-ground partner Caritas Freetown.

To provide needed aid to communities like Freetown facing the devastation of natural disasters, we need the help of hunger champions like you. We ask that you consider donating to our Global Emergency Relief Fund or hosting a Meal Packaging Event to replenish our stock of ready-to-ship meals.

Thank you for supporting people around the globe in times of great need.