Government of Sierra Leone: Ebola Virus Disease Situation Report, Volume 138 – 13 October 2014

from Government of Sierra Leone
Published on 13 Oct 2014 View Original

Main Highlights
- For the 12th October 2014, a total of 125 new samples were received and analysed by the CDC Lab-Bo, the South African NICD MLU Lab-Lakka, the Canadian Lab-Kailahun & the Chinese Lab-Jui: Kailahun (3), Kenema (23), Kambia (1), Koinadugu (1), Bombali (41), Port Loko (8), Moyamba (3) and Western Area (45). Fifty-seven (57) of these samples are positive, 60 are negative whilst 8 suspected cases have been recommended for a second test base on their symptoms onset.
- The cumulative number of Laboratory confirmed cases are 2,849 whiles confirmed deaths is 926 with a Case Fatality Rate (CFR) based on confirmed cases of 32.5%.
- The increase in deaths is as a result of the ongoing data cleaning/outcome data received from Case Management Centres (CMCs) but the outcomes still remains a problem.
- Records with missing key variables are not included in table 1 below.