From Emergency to Recovery: an opportunity to build a stronger Sierra Leone

Key recommendations from INGOs working in Sierra Leone ahead of the High Level Conference on Ebola – March 3rd - Brussels

The High Level Conference on Ebola that will take place on the 3rd of March represents a major opportunity for the Governments of the three affected countries and for the International Community to reflect on the Ebola outbreak, the reasons that enabled the spread of EVD, the effectiveness of the response and the impacts of the outbreak on health, socio and economic status of the affected countries. This conference will also provide the opportunity to the Governments and the international community to discuss the recovery phase, particularly how to ensure the countries will be ready to prevent, cope and mitigate the impact of future similar outbreaks.

31 INGOs working in Sierra Leone responding and supporting the fight against Ebola have come together and prepared a briefing paper to address specific recommendations to the European Union, the Government of Sierra Leone and the wider Donors community to ensure Sierra Leone gets to zero, prevents the resurgence of the outbreak and fully recovers and invests in resilience.