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Emergency Appeal Operation Update Ebola Virus Disease Emergency Appeals (Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Global Coordination & Preparedness) Update No. 30

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Current epidemiological situation + country-specific information

Guinea was declared free of Ebola transmission on 29 December 2015, and has now entered a 90-day period of enhanced surveillance that is due to end on 27 March 2016. Tadateru Konoé, the president of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), recently visited Sierra Leone and Guinea, two of the West African countries which were severally affected by the outbreak.

Liberia was declared free of EVD for the third time on 14 January 2016. All stakeholders remain vigilant and surveillance activities continue to be conducted. LNRCS/IFRC continues to participate in the national and county level EVD coordination mechanisms.

Not since the civil war ended in Sierra Leone in 2002 had the country faced a bigger challenge during the Ebola outbreak. According to the WHO Ebola Situation Report of 03 February 2016, human-to-human transmission directly linked to the 2014 Ebola virus disease outbreak in West Africa was declared to have ended in Sierra Leone on 7 November 2015. The country then entered a 90-day period of enhanced surveillance to ensure the rapid detection of any further cases that might arise.