Ebola is Still Here: Voices from Liberia and Sierra Leone on response and recovery

from Oxfam
Published on 27 Feb 2015 View Original

Putting People First

The world has not yet won the battle against Ebola. Until Ebola is eliminated, getting to zero should remain the highest priority.

In Sierra Leone and Liberia, thousands of local people have taken part in campaigns to spread the message about how Ebola can be controlled, and millions have taken vital practical steps to prevent infection. When the last case of Ebola is eliminated, it will not only be because of medical treatment and action by governments and the international community, but because communities have been at the heart of the response.

Before Ebola struck West Africa, Liberia and Sierra Leone were among the poorest countries in the world – now they are even poorer. The challenge of recovery is enormous and communities must be at the heart of it.

Oxfam has listened to women and men in Liberia and Sierra Leone to hear their priorities for the immediate response, the recovery and beyond. Underpinning all of those priorities, listed on the right, was the need to continue listening to communities as the struggle against Ebola continues and recovery plans are formed and implemented.

Oxfam publishes this report in the strong belief that it is for the people of Liberia and Sierra Leone to say what their priorities are for both the immediate response and long term recovery. However, it is for all of us to demand that helping all affected countries remains a global priority and that we stand by them through recovery once the Ebola headlines are over.