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Ebola Outbreak Monthly Overview February


Key Findings

  • Livelihoods have been affected by the crisis and opportunities are expected to further decrease. Poor households and families affected by the loss of a member are facing food insecurity.

  • The already weak health systems have been overwhelmed by the crisis, leading to an increase of non-Ebola related mortality. A very few reported cases of measles, Lassa fever, meningitis and yellow fever could be a result of a weakened monitoring, which together with lack of diagnosis and treatments, could potentially lead to an increased risk of non-EVD outbreaks.

  • Chronic health problems, maternal health and interruption in immunisation programmes are other worrying outcomes caused by constraints of health systems and populations’ lack of trust to health system.

  • School dropout rates, particularly among girls, are expected to rise, worsening in the long term the already low literacy rates especially among women in the affected countries.