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Ebola Outbreak Monthly Overview April


Crisis Overview

  • Evolution of the spread of the disease: On 30 April, the cumulative number of Ebola cases reported across the region reached 26,290, including 10,890 deaths.
    The rate of infection fell to around 30–40 cases per week. Ebola transmission is confined to the western coastal areas of Guinea and Sierra Leone; Liberia has not reported any new cases since 27 March.

  • Health systems are showing signs of recovery, but capacity to deal with nonEbola health problems remains limited.

  • Ebola continues to have a negative impact on food security and livelihoods. The recovery of markets and trade should be supported by the lifting of movement restrictions and reopening of borders. Household (HH) incomes remain below average across the region, due to decreased employment opportunities. Weak purchasing power is expected to be the main driver of food insecurity.