UN Department of Humanitarian Affairs to channel assistance to Seychelles following devastation by heavy rains

Following damages caused by flooding last month, Seychelles needs international assistance to reverse serious disruption
before the next wet season in October, according to the latest situation report prepared by the United Nations Department of
Humanitarian Affairs (DHA).

The report, which is based on a recent visit to the country by a UN Disaster Assessment Coordination Team, says that heavy rains damaged 247 homes, of which 22 were completely destroyed. Landslides brought down power lines and heavy rains flooded the airport, agricultural lands and other areas, according to the report.

Although it is a small island developing country with no comprehensive disaster management plan, Seychelles has met most of its emergency relief requirements. Still, according to DHA, the Government reports that an additional $100,000 in international assistance is required to provide items such as food, shelter and clothing to those in need.