Seychelles: Floods - Information Bulletin n° 1

The Disaster
From 13-17 August, the Seychelles islands of Praslin, La Digue and Mahé were hit by exceptionally strong rains. A total of 640 mm of rainfall was recorded during this period - almost double the previous record for the whole month of August. This torrential rains have caused two deaths so far as well as extensive damage to homes and infrastructure. In addition, the rains have had a severe impact on forests and on farmland due to significant runoff of topsoil. UNDHA has provisionally estimated damages to run to USD 5.5 million.

The authorities and emergency services are totally unprepared to cope as the Seychelles are situated outside the cyclone belt and are unused to such extreme weather conditions

Red Cross/Red Crescent Action

The Seychelles Red Cross Society has assisted victims of the disaster by distributing blankets, providing meals and temporary shelter. It is also participating in the co-ordination cell which has been activated at the Seychelles President's office. A local appeal was launched but was insufficient to cover the cost of the operation.

The Nairobi Regional Delegation has a delegate on standby in the event of support being requested by the National Society.


All goods needed for immediate assistance are available in-country. The Seychelles Red Cross Society is requesting cash support only, estimating that CHF90,000 will cover the cost of immediate basic assistance. This amount is being made available from the Federation's Disaster Relief Emergency Fund. We kindly request PNS's to support the replenishment of the Disaster Relief Emergency Fund.

Ann Naef
Acting Head
Appeals & Reports Service
Bekele Geleta
Africa Department