Seychelles Flooding - Division of Risk and Disaster Management, Situation Report No. 1, (as of 01 Feb 2013)



  • Heavy rains brought by the tropical storm Felleng on 27 January 2013 combined with a high tide resulted in severe flooding and caused extensive devasatation to coastline areas and widespread structural damages to infrastructure (roads, bridges, houses) mostly in the eastern areas of Mahe Island

  • On 27 January 2013, the Government declared three districts, Point Larue, Anse Aux Pins and Au Cap as disaster zones

  • Preliminary damage and needs assessment estimates that USD 9.3million is needed for response and recovery activities

  • An estimated 400 households have been affected with about 32 families still diplaced in 5 different sites

  • The Disaster Emergency Operation Centre (DEOC) in the Division of Risk and Disaster Management under the Ministry of Environment & Energy was activated at 0800hrs on 27 January to coordinate all response activties

  • Heavy rains also caused flooding on La Digue Island on the 18th of January, and Felleng caused further flooding after dumping more rain on the 27th of January.

  • Burst sewage pumps and flooded sewage treatment plants in disaster declared districts pose health risk