Seychelles: Dengue Outbreak Emergency Plan of Action operation update DREF Operation n° MDRSC004

Situation Report
Originally published


Summary: As of 12 July 2016, the Ministry of Health reported the number of cases as 1,062 with the outbreak extending to all five regions of the country, the 5 most affected districts being English River (101 cases) Anse Royal (99 cases) Anse Etoile (82 cases) Beau Vallon (78 cases) and Point La rue (62 cases).
Based on this, the NS is adding another 4 districts which will total to 5 intervention districts.
The new operation objective is therefore to reduce the risk of spread of the dengue virus for 16,392 persons in the five most affected districts of Seychelles and sensitizing approximately 53,000 persons on dengue fever via radio programs. In addition to this, majority of the baseline respondents preferred the use of repellents as opposed to using mosquito nets and their main concern for not buying repellents are the cost and availability of repellents in Seychelles. To this effect, the NS will distribute repellents instead of mosquito nets.
Finally, the duration of stay for RDRT was budgeted for 4 weeks but the required support was eventually only needed for two weeks. The NS proposes that the unspent funds are used to procure and distribute additional repellents and some funds will be used for the endline survey. Although the total budget amount has not changed, there have been some changes in the budget to accommodate the above mentioned changes. (Please see revised budget).