Seychelles Damage, Loss, and Needs Assessment (DaLA) 2013 Floods - A report by the Government of Seychelles

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Tropical Storm “Felleng”’s proximity to Seychelles on the week of the 27th January brought with it heavy rain causing severe flooding in five districts: Anse Aux Pins, Au Cap and Pointe Larue which were declared “disaster zones” and Cascade and La Digue island which were also significantly affected. Hundreds of households were affected, dozens of families were displaced, infrastructure was damaged beyond repair and many farms were destroyed.

We are grateful that no one was killed or seriously injured from the disaster, but this event was a wakeup call for the entire nation and perhaps a reminder similar to that of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami that claimed the lives of three people - a reminder that Seychelles is not safe from disasters.

This “Seychelles 2013 Post-Flood Damage, Loss and Needs Assessment” report is proof of Seychelles’ government’s resolve and commitment to ensure the safety and well-being of our people as well as the conservation of endemic flora, fauna and the country’s other limited natural resources. The Seychelles government recognizes the necessity to continuously improve disaster risk reduction and management within our country. We are responsible for safeguarding every individual citizen and visitor to our island nation.

This report provides a detailed breakdown of the sectors affected, economic losses and damages, and the equipment and manpower needs to rebuild better and to create legislation that incorporates disaster risk reduction and management throughout so that we continue to develop into a country that is more resilient to disasters – a disaster-resistant nation safe for all.